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"I understand." Darren stated as he watched his brother go to be treated. This new boy caused much suspicion, but until he was proven to be a brother, and not on Gaap’s side, he would allow the boy to stay under heavy watch. Though he would have to speak with him eventually. Darren rubbed his temples, trying to think. Perhaps Gaap would tell him if he…

No. He didn’t want to make anymore deals with Gaap. Not a single one.


It was not even an hour later when Darren finally went to Kindel’s room. The guards stepped aside and the demonic king entered without knocking.

Kindel sat on a small stool by the window with Chu-Chu in his lap as he studied the world outside. it was so strange compared to what he was used to. When the door opened, he jumped slightly and turned to see who entered, making Chu-Chu yelp in suprise. Though when he saw who it was, he relaxed slightly and glanced away.

"My apologizes," Darren stated as he walked into the room, "I didn’t mean to startle you."

"It’s alright your highness. This is your house." Kindel stated softly, trying to calm down the surprised Black ball of fluff

The demonic king pulled a chair over towards where Kindel was and sat down, crossing his legs once he was comfortable, “That is true, but I didn’t want to startle you. I only wish to talk.”

The bluette looked up, a bit confused and worried about that statement, “Have I done something wrong…?”

A short silence passed as Darren studied Kindel, ignoring his question for the time being. He couldn’t help but think that something about the boy reminded him of someone…Finally he offered a faint smile, “I surely hope not, but let’s talk about that, shall we? I hear you’re being hunted.”

"Ah…yes," Kindel replied, really uncomfortable with this current situation, "I’ve always been hunted for as long as I can remember."

"And why would that be?"

The demon shifted on the stool, not wishing to talk about this, but he couldn’t deny the king, “…My blood, your highness. It’s…” He hesitated, “It has healing properties for demons, and is a lethal poison for humans.”

Darren paused, thinking for a moment. Something like that could be a valuable asset to Gaap. The fact that a cure all was so close within Gaap’s reach make the hairs on the back of the king’s neck stand up straight. Gaap couldn’t find this out. It’d be the end. Though he thought of such grim things, the king’s demeanor didn’t change in the slightest, “…I see. Something like that could be rather valuable to either side,” He leaned forward slightly, studyig him, “Your father must be very proud.”

Father. Kindel hadn’t heard that word in a very long time. It stabbed at his heart, making him glance away, “Ah…My father…is no longer alive, your grace…”

That caused  a faint puzzlement on the king’s part, “Oh…my deepest apologizes, Kindel. He must have been a good man.”

"He was," The other insisted, hugging the sleeping Chu-Chu to his chest, "…He just wasn’t meant to stay in my life, I suppose…that’s the problem with humans: so easily shattered." he mused, more to himself, than Darren

Darren paused once again, studying Kindel. he seemed to be telling the truth, but only one thing would prove that, “…I know this is a bit sudden, but my I ask a favor of you, Kindel?”

The boy glanced up, “Of course your hi—”

"Just Darren, please."

"…Of course, D-darren…"

The raven haired man offered the other a faint smile to try to reassure him, “I’m going to need a same of your blood to test for our lab. My apologizes, this must be horribly rude, but you’ve gotten me very curious.”

Kindel frowned and took the small packet of bloody from the hospital the other day out of his pocket. It still had a small amount of his blood in the bottom, which he had taken, just in case, “I have some from the…adventure we had the other day. Will that do…?”

Darren smiled a bit more and stood, taking the bag from him gently, “Of course. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. I’ll make sure to Send Emmett in once he’s patched up, alright?”

Kindel remained silent, but gave a small nod

With that, the king gave a small nod of his own before heading to the door, “Goodbye.” Once he was out, Darren gave a small sigh and studied the bag, deciding to get it to Asher to have it tested right away.

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